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Stellenrust and its Terroir
Stellenrust, currently one of the largest family owned wine estates in South Africa have an indefinite history, but also an indefinite future. We focus on our motto where excellence meets winemaking... to stay at the top of our scene. read more »
Our French Influence
Tells the story of our exclusive range of Handmade Wines and our grape stomping experiences we offer the public which currently forms such an integral part of the estate. read more »
Tasting and Venues
Stellenrust offers unique tasting experiences and award winning wines, but also a beautiful venue for weddings, conferences, etc. read more »
Black Economic Empowerment
Our father has always been a passionate man and his biggest dream was always to give back to the workers what they have given us - his dream was fulfilled in 2005... read more »
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Off the R44 between Stellenbosch & Somerset West, On the Stellenrust Road, Stellenbosch NU, Koelenhof, 7605, South Africa
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