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Kleine Rust Rose (Pinotage)

Dry Pinotage Rose - Pinotage makes great Rosé wines – the purity and expression of fruit is a direct reflection of our South African sun.

Kleine Rust Rose (Pinotage)


The grapes used for this wine come from 7-18-year-old trellised vineyards planted in the Bottelary Hills to decomposed granite. Grapes are specifically grown for making Rosé and canopy control forms an intrinsic part of vineyard management. By reducing the size of the canopy and getting better sun exposure, we manage sun-kissed ripeness at lower sugar and therefore lower alcohol levels.


Grapes are picked at a ripeness of 22 Balling and the juice allowed skin contact with the grapes for a maximum of 6 hours. The juice is separated from the skins and then inoculated with a homemade brew of yeast typical to aromatic white varieties.

It is fermented cold in stainless steel tanks over a period of 2 to 3 weeks between 11 – 15°C and left for a short while on its fermentation lees to extract more flavor.


100% Pinotage


A strawberry sufflé at its best. This wine shows ample summer fruit on the nose – it is highly concentrated with raspberry, cherries, and ripe peach and apricot notes. These flavors are carried forward onto a palate ending in a rich and soft aftertaste.

To be enjoyed with salads, pizzas, or any occasion that calls for a cheerful celebration!!

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