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Stellenrust Award-winning wines
Stellenrust Premium Cabernet Sauvignon

Stellenrust Cabernet Sauvignon

Premium Cabernet Sauvignon - In our opinion, Cabernet Sauvignon, still strongly holds the crown as ‘king of the grapes’ and has a very special place in Stellenbosch.

Stellenrust Premium Chenin Blanc

Stellenrust Chenin Blanc

Stellenrust Premium Chenin Blanc - Blended from multiple older bush vine vineyards this Chenin is an overperformer within its class and a benchmark for the South African export market of Chenin Blanc.

Chenin Blanc Sparkling - Spumante Magnifico. With our mother being Italian, the influence from Prosecco styles of tank fer-mented, Charmat method, Italian sparkling wines were called for seeing that we already produce sparkling wine in the bottle fermented version

Stellenrust Chenin Blanc Sparkling

Chenin Blanc Sparkling - Spumante Magnifico

Stellenrust Premium Merlot

Stellenrust Merlot

Stellenrust Premium Merlot - Merlot is probably one of the most difficult grape varieties to grow worldwide. This is why we take extra care in the vineyards to make this wine on the vines, rather than in the cellar. Harvesting time in accordance with climate and season is of ultra importance.

Stellenrust Premium Pinotage

Stellenrust Pinotage

Stellenrust Premium Pinotage - Pinotage is one of the grapes showing the most potential in South Africa. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if it is grown and vinified correctly, it becomes an interesting wine with depth and character able to compete with any of the other noble varieties.

Stellenrust Premium Sauvignon Blanc

Stellenrust Sauvignon Blanc

Stellenrust Sauvignon Blanc - As tradition has taught us, we still perform a sectional harvest on our Sauvignon Blanc. A third is picked at 18 Balling (greener flavors), a third at 20 Balling, and a third at 23 Balling (more tropical flavors). These three harvests are fermented separately to create three tanks capturing all the characteristics this enchanting grape can offer.

Stellenrust Premium Shiraz

Stellenrust Shiraz

Stellenrust Premium Shiraz - This is probably the wine where the extent of the diversity between two of our different farms comes to light best. The Bottelary Shiraz has always been known for phenolic sweetness and ripe flavors whereas Helderberg fruit is often denser and extracted.

Stellenrust Simplicity Red Blend  (Shiraz / Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot)

Stellenrust Simplicity Red Blend (Shiraz / Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot)

Red Blend (Shiraz / Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot) One of the most popular red blends in South Africa

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