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Stellenrust Sauvignon Blanc

Stellenrust Sauvignon Blanc - As tradition has taught us, we still perform a sectional harvest on our Sauvignon Blanc. A third is picked at 18 Balling (greener flavors), a third at 20 Balling, and a third at 23 Balling (more tropical flavors). These three harvests are fermented separately to create three tanks capturing all the characteristics this enchanting grape can offer.

Stellenrust Sauvignon Blanc

In the Cellar:
Natural settling and extremely low fermentation temperatures (10-12 degrees Celsius) with 5 different commercial yeast strains are essential to preserving the beautiful flavors this Queen of the Grapes can offer. Lower average temperatures caused slower ripening of the grapes. This in turn led to richer wines at lower alcohol levels with great fruit concentration.

Vineyards: 5-18-year-old trellised and 47-year-old bush vine Bottelary Hills

Time spent on lees: 5 months with no wood

Food pairing:
This Sauvignon blanc has a crisp acidity with a bouquet of yellow summer fruit and herbs. It has a mineral core supporting pungent fruit and a blackcurrant finish - therefore it would be a great accompaniment to dishes like Triple baked goat’s cheese soufflé (if you haven’t had one, our winemaker should prepare you one) or fresh seafood salad with a mustard honey dressing smothered in fresh asparagus.

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